NDIS Equine Facilitated Support Sessions

Chum Creek Horse Rides offer Equine Facilitated Support Sessions which focuses on the use of the ‘horse’ as the therapist, rather than directly the human as the therapist. 

Each Equine Facilitated Support Session involves a one-hour session with an Equestrian Support Handler there to guide and support the interaction between guests and a trusted quiet horse, on an enclosed arena and/or horse yard.

We strictly ensure a strong safe environment. Safety is the number one priority.

The relationship between the guest and the horse is the therapy itself. This allows the guest to naturally be guided and supported at their own pace, meeting their individual needs.

Horses are honest, family-oriented creatures as they live in herds and also suffer if isolated. Horses do not have expectations, preconceived ideas or perceptions of who you are.

Horses do not see abilities or disabilities, they accept you just as you are.

Horses interact with people without judgment or preconception. This perspective allows the opportunity for fun and self-review as it helps our guests with building confidence and self-esteem.

What is an Equine Facilitated Support Session / what does it involve?

Equine Facilitated Support Session is a one-hour session and progresses at a natural pace in line with the readiness of the guest. Often they will progress without realising they are progressing as the relationship with the horse evolves. Equine Facilitated Support Sessions can involve simply being with the horse, to grooming, handling and riding if medically fit and physically able. There is less set structure to be followed, and this is why it can be of benefit in so many different situations. Each guests’ capacity to be able to ride is at the discretion of Chum Creek Horse Rides.

Equine Facilitated Support Sessions helps NDIS guests reach their goals and may help in the following areas:

  • Emotional control/regulation
  • Physical control/regulation
  • Cognitive skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills
  • Concentration and focus
  • Multitasking

Bookings Essential

COSTS: $150 per person

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Who can benefit?

Equine Facilitated Support Sessions broadly benefit many different guests of all ages and abilities.

We offer people with physical, intellectual, social or emotional disabilities these Equine Facilitated Support Sessions and other equine activities, helping to improve learning, happiness and physical exercise in a safe and fun environment.

Equine Facilitated Support Sessions can benefit guests on the autism spectrum, as a portal to increased communication and self-regulation. Working and playing with horses in a safe environment, provides fun, nurturing and self-reflecting opportunities and can be challenging, immensely satisfying and sometimes profoundly rewarding.

Chum Creek Horse Rides currently offer guests these Equine Facilitated Support Sessions on a working horse farm environment surrounded by the mountains and State Forests. This tranquility of rural life, coupled with tailored Equine Facilitated Support Sessions allows time to commune with nature and time for quiet relaxation. We offer this only 1 hours drive from Melbourne’s CBD, near Healesville, in the Yarra Valley.

We offer Equine Facilitated Support Sessions for guests with a range of intellectual, social and emotional abilities. These Equine Facilitated Support Sessions can include a number of activities and games that can be done in a safe environment with horses to help with self-confidence, communication and life skills. These Equine Facilitated Support Sessions are for both children and adults and sessions are adapted to suit the needs of each guest.

Price for the one hour Equine Facilitated Support Session is $150, (minimum one hour), and includes a 1-hour session with an Equestrian Support Handler on an enclosed arena and/or horse yard. We also provide helmets, horse brushes, horse leads and halters, horse yarding, toilet, shelter and viewing area for carers. We ask that all participants wear long pants and closed-toe shoes.


  • Rides are run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10am, 11.30am and 1pm. Saturdays 11.30am and 1pm.
  • To find availability and book please book online.
  • The cost is $150 per hour session (minimum 1 hour).
  • We can provide invoices/receipts as requested.
  • We also offer various accommodation options. Look at our accommodation page for further information.

Why us?

OUR SAFETY RECORD – We are one of Australia’s safest horse riding operations. The principal (qualified with a Bachelors Degree in Teaching and a Bachelors Degree in Applied Science – Psychology), has personally taken over 8,000 guests on horse rides with not one ambulance call out to the guests.

We are very dedicated to keeping this impeccable record and our practices reflect this experience.

OUR HORSE ROTATION POLICY – We have around 25 quiet riding horses. Some of these horses are very big and some are smaller.

Like people, horses can get tired of their job. We have a large number of horses to ensure each horse is rested and rotated to ensure each horse is ‘fresh’ and keen to do its job. Beware of other providers that have small teams of horses, as all horses get tired and that’s when accidents can happen.


WEIGHT LIMIT – 95kg : For the welfare of our horses, Chum Creek Horse Rides enforces a rider weight limit of 95kg.


Chum Creek Horse Rides provide drizabone coats. It is up to the discretion of the Senior Trail Riding Guide at the horse yards to cancel a ride.

If Chum Creek Horse Rides & Huts cancel a ride, options will be provided such as; Full Refund or a Credit/Choice of alternative times/days.
Chum Creek Horse Rides & Huts only take small groups on our horse trail rides, and as such, we knock back customers for many rides.

Cancellations made more than two weeks prior to the booking date will incur a $60 cancellation fee per rider, cancellations within two weeks of the booking date will not be refunded.

Rescheduling a booking more than two weeks prior to the booking date will incur a $60 rescheduling fee per rider, it is not possible to reschedule within two weeks of the booking date.

LATE or 'NO-SHOW' CUSTOMER: If a customer is late or is a 'no show', then a refund or a reschedule will not be provided.

ADDRESS: 221 Heath Road, Chum Creek, Victoria, Australia.
Go to the end of Heath Road until you see big horse-riding signs. Drive another 200m and meet and park at the horse yards.
Chum Creek Horse Rides & Huts are only 1 hours drive from Melbourne’s CBD.

BOOKINGS: BOOKING ESSENTIAL. CALL 0407 326 276, or book online